We are a general contractor and project integrator for turnkey construction works, industrial plants, maintenance, or renovation projects in Africa.

The unique offering and advanced engineering and construction knowledge makes CESAF International the preferred partner for UK and international businesses looking to develop turn-key projects in the African continent.

Bringing the role of the general contractor and project integrator to Africa is the reason for our success, especially for the benefit of those who cannot locally find specific expertise or organizations or simply want the entire project development handled by a single party.

Our Projects in numbers:

direct and indirect jobs
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SQM of constructed areas
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Our unique Italian and African heritage shows our contribution to important projects that are key for the countries where we have worked, fostering development and economic and social growth. 

Our European and African teams make us a trusted gateway for expanding businesses to Africa. We bring international exporters of plants and machinery enormous potential by adding construction and civil works to their offers in a complete turn-key proposal.